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TaxPro of Tampa offers a wide range of services to our individual and business clients. Because our firm is relatively small our client’s benefit by getting personalized and quality service that is beyond comparison. When you use Tax Pro of Tampa business advisory and accounting services professionals. You will work with people who are knowledgeable about your industry and your business.

Our staff assigned to the engagement is based on their knowledge of your industry. This provides you with meaningful advice and insights for improving your business strategies, management information and operating and accounting procedures and controls with the ultimate goal of increasing your profits.


Our Best Service

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), understands that tax debt can be an overwhelming burden and has created tax relief programs designed to help you the taxpayer get back on track.Tax relief is not charity, it is a smart way to maximize the collection of tax revenue from taxpayers facing overwhelming debt.

IRS Debt Settlements

WHY YOU NEED HELP? The IRS may have contacted you for one of the following reasons, the professionals at...

Offer In Compromise

An offer-in-compromise is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS whereby the IRS agrees to settle the taxpayer’s...

Payroll, Sales and Use Tax

An abundance of IRS and state tax laws have made processing payroll a time consuming nightmare for many small...

Why People Choose Us

Start to finish, we're on your side !

  • Get your taxes done right!
    I have always done my own taxes, thinking that I could follow along with tax software and get the best refund available. Tired of getting back minimal refunds, I first brought my tax returns to Ms. James a few years ago. The very first time she doubled the refund that I had gotten the previous year. There were so many deductions and credits that I was missing out on and the tax software I was using wasn’t even asking all the right questions to maximize my return. I have been taking my returns to Tax Pro ever since, and I doubt if I will ever go back to doing them myself. The proof is in your return!!!

    Jon B

  • The Only Tax Service I will Use!
    The Last 5 years I have been filing my taxes with Ms. James. All of her staff are very knowledgeable and informative. They make you feel at home and not so up tight and stressed about tax time. They are always sure to get their clients back the highest refund possible. They are a very honest, genuine, and real. I alway recomend TaxPro!

    Courtney S

  • High-quality, professional service
    In all my years of filing our taxes, this has been the most informative, trusted and family oriented setting I have been in. Ms Michelle James was very thorough and at the end we didn’t just see a bunch of figures on our return but the entire filing was explained. Without hesitance I would recommend the professionals at TAXPRO OF TAMPA.

    Patricia G

  • Amazing Services
    I have been a business owner for +25 years. and Michelle James & Co. has handled our financials including taxes and unfortunately an audit which she handled professionally, and no blemishes to our firm. She is still handling our set-up/start-up for our new launch. If it was soley up to me I would hire her as our CFO.

    Melvin R

  • Excellence
    Michelle James has been doing my taxes for years. I started with her since I lived in NJ over 8 yrs ago. She is in Florida now and I currenyly live in Illinois. I still send my documents to her. Trust is something you can’t put a $ value to it. Excellence is the one word that comes to mind when describing her company and what she stands for.

    Hazra B